Beth Sanchez

Guripriya Beth Sanchez is an alignment-based Hatha/Vinaysa Teacher, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant, and Cooking Instructor. She is dedicated to supporting the evolution of her students on their journey personally and collectively as participants in the broad human awakening. She has been teaching since 2001 and counts Tias Little and Richard Freeman as her primary yoga influences. Beth is a Buddhist practitioner in the tradition of Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh and loves to incorporate Buddhist Dharma and Mindfulness practice into her teaching. Veteran Ayurveda Practitioner Alakananda Ma is her Ayurveda teacher and spiritual mentor. She is also invigorated by the Adviata teachings and articulated by Adyashanti, and Rupert Spira as well as the vision of the philosopher and sacred activist, Charles Eisenstein. Beth's style of teaching has been described as Mindful Hatha/Vinyasa with anatomical depth, nourishing adjustments, contemplative support, and emphasis on communal synergy. She also loves to sing together! She invites practitioners seeking community, meditative awareness, healthy engagement in the world of form, and depth in their relationship to life. Visit for more details.