David Michael Scott

David spent his years living as a wilderness guide, a Peace Corps volunteer, and a math teacher before encountering yoga as a means to integrate life lessons and heal from the trauma of the past. One of the fundamental purposes of yoga, for David, is to create a transitional environment in which overworked and overstimulated people can move from a place of mental agitation to a place of mental stillness. The bridge from movement to stillness comes in the form of challenging movements, purposeful breathing, and intense mental concentration on both these areas. As a result, David’s Vinyasa yoga classes are very athletic, as mental and physical fatigue helps still the mind. That being said, every class should be a combination of focused intention and fun.

In David’s class you will laugh, meet your neighbors, and perhaps even… hold hands (briefly!). David tends to incorporate powerful music to support the energy in class. Any particular class of David’s might feature hip hop, rock, dub step, or sitar. Come with an open mind and a sense of adventure and we will breathe, flow, and grow together.