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We All Have A Relationship With Food

You might have heard the saying, "the one consistent relationship we have in our life is the one we have with ourselves." There is another relationship that is there throughout our entire lives, and that is the one we have with our food. We can have an intimate relationship with our food where our food choices can inform us and support us. Food can reflect back to us our emotions we are experiencing in the moment based off of what we choose to eat or how we are eating. Have you ever been really angry and needed to eat, and noticed you ate really fast or craved something crunchy or hot? Or that you were in the process of grieving and finding that you were not hungry at all?

Every eating experience is an opportunity to slow down and learn more about ourselves. Our food can be a strong mirror reflecting back to us what we are truly needing emotionally and physically in any moment. Before eating, we can close our eyes and take three deep belly breaths to tune in to our body and explore what foods will feel the most supportive and grounding to where we are at in that moment on that day. We can explore instead of choosing food reactively, choosing foods that support us in how we want to feel.

At every meal you can ask yourself, how do I want to feel after this meal is over? If you want to feel grounded, energetic, embodied, clear minded, then you can explore the foods that you know will give you the sensations you are looking for once that meal is over. Food can ultimately be used as a tool to support us in any moment in connecting back with ourselves on a deep level. Our food can be our ally and friend supporting us in coming into the present moment and fostering acceptance for whatever we are choosing to nourish our body with and then subsequently cultivating acceptance for ourselves just the way we are.


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We requested that you send in special memories of Cherry Creek, and you delivered. Below were a few of our favorite memories: 

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This summer we are teaming up with Altitude Paddleboards to bring you the sweet treat of yoga... on the water! For the months of June and July, all Kindness members have access to discounted SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga classes at the Grant Ranch in Littleton. SUP Yoga is a great way to reinvigorate your practice during the summer months - in this challenging form of yoga practice, you will stand on a stable 10- to 12-foot-long paddleboard on the water... and move through postures as you would in any other yoga class! 

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May: Mind Your Mental Health