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Acu Corner: Take Action

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March: Take Action
by Natalie Franciose, LAc

Are you feeling irritability creeping in? Does it feel like "all the things" are happening all at once?! As we enter springtime, your energies are rising. Your emotions are easily stirred, and you are being called into action to choose with clarity your next steps. If you are living in a space of alignment, these choices might be crystal clear. If you are unable to distinguish which path is best for you, you may find that pushing this month's acupuncture point helps to alleviate some constraint.

March Wellness Tip: Make space for downtime and get into nature with yourself, a friend, or your dog! We are transitioning into spring, and now is the perfect time to soak up the newly sprouted seedlings and buds on the trees. Spring is the season of Wood, which is correlated to the Liver/Gallbladder. If you're out of balance and irritable, being in nature will be soothing.

Last month we shifted into the Chinese New Year of the Yang Earth Dog. This year is all about service to self and others, loyalty, unconditional love, and protection. Think about it - the Earth is all about grounding down into your center. Nourishing YOUR Earth with bland neutral foods like ginger, congees, and squash will help balance and harmonize your middle body. When we ground and center, we can decide with a clear mind which choices are best for us. Since our loyal and hardworking outgoing friend (the dog!) is ready for action, you may find yourself facing some pretty big decisions! Tune your body, mind, and spirit so that you may best serve your path.

March Acupuncture Point: PC 7 (daling, or "Great Hill") is located in the middle of the transverse wrist crease, between the tendons that pop up when you touch your middle finger to your palm. This point clears heat, calms the mind, and is potent if you experience cardiac pain, palpitation, vomiting, epilepsy, stuffy chest, pain the the side flank/rib area, insomnia, irritability, and stinky breath.

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