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Acu Corner: Monsoon Survival

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August: Monsoon Season Survival

By Shannon Stevents, LAc

August Wellness Tip: The concept of Damp in Oriental Medicine is an odd one to explain, especially when living in such an arid climate. The best way to unpack Damp is to think about humidity - as the air is thick with moisture, so does Damp inside the body make things heavy and sluggish. Damp impedes the free flow of Qi, or energy, and can additionally show up in the body as swelling or mucus. Humid and wet weather can contribute to these conditions as well as damp producing foods, such as cream sauces, heavy cheeses, and ice cream. When extra wet weather impedes your energy or you've eaten too much ice cream, leading to slugishness, you know you've gotten a little Damp. To counteract Damp, eliminate dairy and sugary foods from your diet and add more bitter or spicy flavors. And, as always, seek out your nearest acupuncturist at Kindness Community Acupuncture to bring your balance full circle!

August Acupuncture Point: Spleen 9, Yinlingquan (Yin Mound Spring) - this point is a favorite point of acupuncturists to expel Damp from the body. Press this point any time you are feeling heavy, sluggish, generally fatigued, or achy with weather changes.

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