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Acu Corner: Nourishment in the Dark

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January: Dive Inward

by Natalie Franciose, LAc

Greetings to 2017! The days are short and the nights are long as we welcome in the new year. This is a time of going inward and contemplating what you want this coming year to look like. What serves you? What have you always wanted to take action with, but just haven't? What deeply nourishes that spirit of yours? This is the time to dig deep into the resources we have within ourselves to build our foundations and to feel grounded in who we are... then pause and take a deep breath, for Winter is the most yin time of the year.

January Wellness Tip: Spend time in contemplation and slow the rhythm of your days to feel grounded. Winter time is for cultivating your resources so you have energy to thrive when we shift into Spring. Water - the element of winter - is associated with the kidneys and urinary bladder. The color of this season is black; the darkest and most yin of all colors. We should take this into consideration as we look at our diet: incorporate foods into your diet that are dark (black), such as forbidden rice, seaweed, black beans, dark leafy vegetables, beets, asparagus, kelp, sweet potatoes, and royal jelly. Eating warm, cooked foods will also aid the body in resource cultivation.

January Acupuncture Point: Kidney 1 - Yong Quan. This translates as "gushing spring," and is the most yin of all acupuncture points on the body. It's located on the soles of the feet a half distance below the toes. To activate it, press the point while sitting on the floor, your mat, or while laying in happy baby. Deepen your breath as you ground into your low back where your kidneys reside, and redirect your qi inward to the spaces of stillness.

"Acupuncture has helped me to see that taking care of myself doesn't mean waiting until I am in pain to look for healing. Taking care of myself means creating routines and practices that nourish my body so that less and less pain surfaces over time." -Brittany

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