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Introducing Kindness Speaks

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Here at Kindness Yoga, we have an identity statement which ends like this: "as a collective of strong and unique individuals we believe we can change the world." While the practice of yoga certainly creates transformation, the change we seek echoes far beyond the four walls that support our physical practices.

And the best part of it all? The mission to create change here at Kindness Yoga has everything to do with the community of individuals that walk through our doors - that’s you! It is from here that we introduce our new feature; Kindness Speaks.

Each month we will share stories to highlight how our community creates ripples of change through random acts of kindness, dedication to their personal wellness, and unshakable trust in their hopes and beliefs. It is here that we let kindness speak!

Meet Stevie, the winner of our 2017 New Year's Challenge.

You might recall that the grand prize for the New Year's Challenge was either one year of free yoga, or a free 200-hour teacher training at Kindness. Upon receiving the news that she had won, Stevie immediately expressed gratitude and in the moment following, generosity.

Stevie’s friend Kendall had also been participating in the challenge in hopes of winning a teacher training. The day after Stevie accepted the prize of one free year of yoga, she asked if she could instead share the prize with her friend Kendall, and instead receive 6 months of yoga while Kendall received a discounted teacher training. This act of selfless generosity embodies so perfectly the change we believe kindness makes in the world. It is in moments like this that we as a community get to witness how kindness with self makes kindness with others so effortless.

Here is a bit more about Stevie and the absolute light that she is.

What does the word Kindness mean to you?

"Kindness, as a studio, totally embodies kindness to me because all of the instructors are always open and willing to chat with me about anything. There is very much a humanity to it, not just like 'we come and we do yoga and go home.' For me kindness has to do with connection between those humanities and that is something that I strive for every day in my life. Even when my day might not be going so well, if I am going to the grocery story and picking up just one item that I need, I’m going to try to ask that cashier how their day was. Just to get some connection. That pulls me back from random irritation I might be feeling from the day and move forward in a way that not only makes my day better, but also make their day better as well. I think these are the tiny sparks and catalysts that will make this world a better place.

How are you changing the world?

I’ve had a very strange, weird, winding twisting journey in my life that not has always been the easiest and I think it has lead me to a place now where I strive to be that light in every aspect of my life. I feel like my idea of how to start making this world better is to negate the negativity, as weird as it might be to say that way. To just keep creating those opportunities where light can spark the next light and keep creating positivity and more and more outlook at what is working, what can we do better, what can we do to help someone in need because I know is going to help all of us in the long run.

I’m not lying when I say I have never ever won anything in my life! I’ve been trying to project this positivity and my life in a year where a lot of people are not feeling this way, my life has been so positive and I’ve seen such feedback from it. So it really is, to me, valid that what you put forth in the world is likely what you are going to get back. So why not aim for light and positivity?

About the movers and shakers behind Kindness Speaks

Brittany Kassel, Kindness Speaks creator

Britt is a student, teacher, and lover of all things Kindness. Her admiration for community and communication bring her to this project all ears as the organizer, interviewer, and transcriber of our community's stories.

Lisa Rundall, Photographer

Lisa is a dedicated student and member of the Kindness community. She is passionate about capturing a work in which exquisite art and wonderful stories meet.

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