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We love you, Cherry Creek!

Blog post image - We love you, Cherry Creek!

This month, we are celebrating Kindness Yoga Cherry Creek and the special place it has held in the Kindness community. In case you missed it, the building which houses the first Kindness Yoga studio has been bought out and the new owners will demolish the building in May. We want to close out our time in this space - that has witness seasons of growth and change, both in the Kindness family and in your heart - with a month-long, two-part closing. Will you join us?

Throughout the month of May, when you practice at Cherry Creek, you can leave an offering at the altar in the main (Dream) studio that embody importance, effort, offering or intention. You can leave anything you feel called to leave: photos, crystals, gems, mantras, flowers, coins, candles, or anything that is special and meaningful to you. Let's fill this altar, so by the end of the month there is an abundant physical representation of the special place the space holds in our hearts!

Then, on Saturday, June 10, join Mary Beth Hickey for a 90-minute KindHot/Yin class and closing ceremony. This is the final class to be held in the space, and we want to fill the room with love and community, after the space has facilitated so much for so many over the years. Class will be held from 4-5:30pm, and is free for everyone - please reserve your space here.

We love you, Cherry Creek!

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