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Kindness Speaks: Healing

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Shannon S.
Kindness Yogi and Licensed Acupuncturist
"We believe we can change the world." This line in our mission statement is exemplified through the lives and actions of our students. Join us every month as we share the incredible stories of our practitioners who are changing the world every day.

"I've always been a soul searcher, a meaning searcher, and a truth searcher since I was in high school. My undergraduate degrees is in psychology, philosophy, and religion. It doesn't get any messier than that."

"I can't force people to heal. You know there are some things that I can give a treatment to help. After a few treatments, their sinuses are clear, their allergies are better, or their neck pain is gone. But you know, I don't really see that as separate from psychological and emotional and spiritual healing. I put the opportunity for physical and psychological healing out there, then they get to choose to take it and use it. We all have a choice on how far we want to go with that."

"The Tao is the way, OK. You know the Yin Yang symbol? That is the very first division of the way. But they are not divided, right, and they are not independent of each other because they are spinning together, they are interconnected. One has a piece of the other in it: Yin and Yang. When you talk about them separately, you start to kind of break away from the original. solid Tao, which is the unspeakable. It just is. It's your true nature. For me, being at one with your true nature, your ultimate true nature, is where you're supposed to be. Everything else is affected from the outside."

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