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New to Kindness? A Quick-Start Guide.

Blog post image - New to Kindness? A Quick-Start Guide.

We heard you're considering coming to Kindness, and we're pretty tickled. If you haven't been in before, we suggest taking the following steps to make your month at Kindness as seamless as possible! 

Step One:  Register and purchase your $30 for 30 Days Intro Deal.

Step Two: Check the class schedule and choose the class you want to take. We recommend signing up online to ensure you get a space! If this is your first yoga class, we recommend starting with a Foundations class or the Kindness Signature Series. Peruse the Class Styles page to get a feel for the other classes we offer!

Step Three: Come on in! We can't wait to see you. And please, if you have any questions, give us a call or email us!

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