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New Year's Challenge: The Importance of Intention

Blog post image - New Year's Challenge: The Importance of Intention

Whether you know it or not, your intention - or lack thereof - propels you forward. There is an immense amount of power in crafting an intention; it's the force and energy that you extend to your outer world that helps attract back the things you want most in your life.

What's your intention for 2017?

Is it to be a better partner? To usher in a healthier, more mindful lifestyle? To spend less time on social media? Whatever your intention, or resolution, might be, we believe that yoga supports it. The practice of awareness on your rubber rectangle can be carried into all parts of your life, and awareness is how intention begins to manifest.

Join us this January for a yoga challenge where intention is the purpose. Watch how your intention inside this challenge permeates other areas of your life. Clarity of intent attracts what you want - the true desires and motivations of your heart. Here's how it will go:

  1. Decide how many classes per week you want to take between January 2 and 29 (up to 28)
  2. Grab your personal tracking card in any studio - carry this card when you attend yoga classes and have it signed by your teacher (one bubble per class). No online sign-up is required!
  3. There are four "home studios" - Broadway, Cap Hill, Hilltop, and Golden. Each home studio has a Community Board where, if you'd like, you can track your progress next to your fellow yogis! Choose your home studio and write your name on the board. Every time you complete a class, draw a star next to your name, and watch how your intention progresses over the course of the month! This step is optional and does not factor into completion of the challenge.
  4. Taking class somewhere other than your home studio? No worries. Continue keeping track of your progress on your card, and next time you're at your home studio, add the appropriate amount of gold stars.
  5. Once you've completed your challenge, turn your card into the front desk at any studio. You must return your card by February 4 to be eligible for our prizes, which include:
- a 200-hour teacher training OR one year of unlimited yoga at Kindness
- two 10-class packs; one for you and one to gift to a friend
- Kindness swag

The challenge lasts four weeks long - Monday, January 2 to Sunday, January 29. Start the year off clear and set your intention on the mat - you might be surprised what happens when you leave it!

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