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When We Compare, We Despair

By Stephanie Pollock Fox

Have you ever walked past someone and comparisons begin to arise about yourself to the other person? The next time this happens, you can remember: when we compare, we despair. Comparisons take us out of our body, and how amazing it is. It sparks stories in our minds of what it would be like to be anyone but ourselves. Even comparing the body to how it once was disrupts appreciation for our body in the present.

However, we can make friends with the urge to compare ourselves to others. When comparisons first arise, pay attention to what that feels like in your body. Since we cannot change what we are not aware of, we can first learn what sensations arise when we begin to compare. You might notice shallow breathing, tension, tightness or tinging. When we learn how different thoughts produce different sensations in the body, those sensations can then show us how we are processing that moment of comparison. Through our new awareness of those sensations, we can then explore what thoughts would feel more supportive.

In this process, we can take away judgement of ourselves when comparisons arise. We can use that moment as an opportunity to learn more about our body and discover what actions and thoughts will support us in returning to appreciating ourselves. This is a practice we can engage in each and every day to foster compassion, kindness, acceptance, and gratitude for who we are, what we eat, how we interact and react, and how we show up in the world for ourselves and others.

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