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You Are Not Something to be Fixed

by Stephanie Pollock

There are so many articles these days in magazines and on social media constantly bombarding us with messages on how we can "fix" ourselves. For every insecurity we might have, there are thousands of articles with recommendations on how to change, adapt, and alter ourselves. It is a truly radical act to see ourselves as whole and complete just as we are, no matter what.

When a vase falls and ends up in a million pieces on the floor, we can re-frame that it is not broken but now embodying a different formation and expression of itself. In this view, we can experience any symptom or pattern that we have not as wrong, bad, or something to be fixed, but as something the has lessons and insights to offer us - as something that guides us in where we might be called to grow, evolve, and express ourselves in a whole new way.

For example, say you find yourself binging on food every day. This pattern does not make you broken, but is a wise strategy from your body to get your loving attention. The next time you notice an urge arise to engage in a pattern you know is not serving you long term, you can invite in so much compassion and curiosity in that moment to explore and discover what the urge has to teach you. In those moments when we are ebbing and flowing with an urge, we can repeat to ourselves as our own personal mantra, "I am not broken, I am not something to be fixed, I am whole and complete just as I am no matter my actions and no matter what is present for me."

When we start showing up for ourselves with more love, acceptance, and compassion, it can then be that much easier to offer everyone around us that same gentle loving kindness. Remember that our thoughts are not facts or truth. We can slow down in any moment and ask ourselves, "Is this the most loving thing I could say to myself right now?" If the answer is no, then the power is always within you to re-shape any inner dialogue to one that feels more supportive and grounding.

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