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Infuse This Holiday Season with Sweetness

 by Stephanie Pollock

The holiday season is quickly approaching! It starts with Halloween and ends with Valentine's Day. And what do all of these holidays have in common? They are all surrounded by food, sweets, and often a culture of overeating. There can be a whole new way we can navigate the holidays through where we can stay connected to our bodies and feel grounded in any moment in what will feel truly sweet.

At any holiday party, whenever someone offers you some kind of sweet food, we can slow down and simply ask ourselves what will feel sweet and satiating not just in this moment but long term. Sometimes that might mean eating and appreciating the sweetness in the foods offered with love, and other times we get to fill the moment with sweetness by connecting with loved ones and offering others love, kindness, and compassion. Sometimes being the sweetness we desire from life can provide the same sensations sweet foods initiate in our body of lightness and relaxation.

A desire for sweet tastes can inform us of our desires for the sweetness we desire in some area of our life. Notice any cravings that arise this holiday season for sweet foods. Can you slow down, invite in curiosity, and explore what the presence of the craving has to teach you? How can our cravings guide us towards the places we can foster more sweetness and emotional satiation?

The holiday season can spark all sorts of emotional hungers for connection, love, understanding, empathy, and compassion. We can infuse any holiday season with so much sweetness, not just in the food we are eating, but also how we are showing up for ourselves and others. We can utilize this time as an opportunity to reflect on how we want to potentially show up with our friends and family with more kindness (to make our interactions truly sweet).

Wishing you all lots of sweetness in your life this holiday season!

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