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Wellness Buzz: Rhythmic Eating

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The Power of Rhythmic Eating

Rhythm is everywhere we look. The waves of the ocean, our breathing, the seasons, the weather. There is a certain rhythm to everything around us. When we invite this rhythm into how and when we are eating, our body can relax and trust that consistent nourishment is going to be coming in regularly. Skipping meals can cause stress to increase in our body and can make the body think it needs to hold on to every piece of nourishment that comes in as it doesn't know when the next time it will be fed. Additionally, when we eat inconsistently throughout the day, cortisol levels can increase where our digestion can shut down so that when we do finally eat, we may not optimally assimilate our nourishment.

This can also often set us up to feel ravenous by the end of the day, and then the body just wants to get any kind of nourishment in. In these moments, we may not make the most mindful choices of what would be the most nourishing thing for our body, mind, and soul. By setting our pace with meals and eating at regular intervals throughout the day, we will also be supporting our blood sugar levels to be stable throughout the day - which can support us in feeling emotionally grounded and mentally clear.

Eating in a rhythmic way will look and feel different to each and every individual. You can explore and discover eating consistently in a way that works for you, your unique body, and life. By committing to nourishing our body every 4-5 hours, the body can adapt to a new rhythm and this can start to foster a trusting relationship with the body where a relaxation response can be cultivated and where our digestion can function optimally. When we are relaxed, we can also hear more clearly our hunger and fullness cues and is the physical space where deep healing can occur.

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