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Wellness Buzz: Seasonal Eating

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Seasonal Eating

by Stephanie Pollock

Fall is slowly approaching. The evenings are cooler and the night's darkness is extending into the mornings. What naturally digests and assimilates best in our body can change from season to season. As the weather cools, our body often craves warm, cooked foods to make the digestive process easier. During the summer months, it can be easier to eat foods that are raw, cold, or uncooked as our body is being warmed from the outside in. As we enter into colder weather and begin warming ourselves from the inside out, we can better support our digestive fire in eating cooked foods. 

Additionally, different foods thrive and grow during different seasons. We can start to experiment now with eating foods that are in season in the Fall to support our body in transitioning into this season. In Colorado, some nourishing Whole Foods coming more available can be apples, squashes, pumpkin, turnips, beets, and parsnips. You can utilize this website to search by state and season what is currently growing!

When we eat the foods that grow during the current season, we are honoring what the earth is naturally producing and can begin to tune in to the natural cycles within and around us. Perhaps now could be a great time to slow down and explore what intentions or new rhythms you want to set for yourself to mark the transition into fall!

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