Private Yoga

Private lessons at Kindness are a powerful opportunity to personalize your yoga experience. By working one-on-one with a skilled instructor, you’ll get to build a relationship, focus on your goals, and enhance your experience in every class you take.

There are many reasons our students seek private lessons:

  • New to yoga? Get support and personalized instruction before jumping into group classes.
  • Seek convenience? Schedule regular sessions at times that suit your lifestyle.
  • Healing an injury? Learn how to modify and enhance the practice to support yourself better.
  • Looking to achieve new poses or other practice goals? Receive coaching and learn sequences tailored to your objectives.
  • Athlete or performer? Build a practice designed for your physical and mental requirements.
  • Growing as a yoga teacher? Advance your practice and receive mentoring and wisdom from experience.
  • Looking for a perfect gift? This is an attentive, safe, deeply special yoga experience people rarely think to purchase for themselves.

Private yoga lessons are perfect for all of this and more. They’re a personal and often-needed complement to public classes and/or home practice. They offer unparalleled opportunities for physical and emotional support, overcoming plateaus, recovering from setbacks, and much more.

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Our team of experienced instructors will support you in reaching your goals and tailor each session to your specific needs.
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