Mentoring Program

Are you a yoga teacher seeking intelligent feedback and guidance as you develop your authentic voice? How about a yoga teacher training graduate, looking for the chance to teach regularly, sharpen your skills, and work towards nailing key auditions?

Would you jump at the chance to receive coaching and personalized, loving guidance from some of the most beloved teachers at Kindness Yoga?

Do you remember the camaraderie of your training, and wish you could return to the magic of deepening and discovering with a small group of peers?

If any or all of these questions move you, the Kindness Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program may be exactly what you need! You’ll join a group of two other aspiring teachers and receive a faculty mentor. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will teach 4 public classes on the Kindness Yoga schedule and assist 8 more. You will meet every week - sometimes in your group and sometimes one-on-one with your mentor - to receive (and learn to offer) personalized, actionable feedback on the art of teaching yoga. You will practice, study, and complete homework assignments to help you cultivate and consistently offer your best, most authentic self. And you’ll learn the skills of collaboration and leadership within your groups and as an honored part of the Kindness Yoga community. You'll receive three months of free yoga for the duration of your mentorship, and all Kindness teachers, Kindness 200-hour YTT graduates, and 300-hour participants receive 20% off the cost of the program. Please note that this program is for registered yoga instructors only. Commit to your teaching and join us today!

What makes this program special?

It’s personal. If you don’t want to step forward and be seen, this program is NOT for you. Our student-to-faculty ratio is 3:1 - that's more personal than most Ivy League graduate programs. Everything you do will be customized to your group by your mentor. You’ll have the opportunity to learn exactly what you need to succeed and develop your own authentic, empowered style.

It’s powerful. Becoming a great teacher requires talent and it requires training. But it also takes dedication, reflection, and lots of experience. Our program focuses directly on these important and oft-neglected elements of learning. Teaching public classes will provide the foundation of your mentorship. Through observation, peer feedback, and personalized coaching you’ll discover your strengths and challenges, develop strategies to evolve your instruction, and take decisive action.

It’s affordable. We believe that spreading high-quality yoga can change the world. That’s why we’re committed to keeping our teacher development offerings as accessible as possible. Your entire 12-week semester costs just $600. That’s only $50 per week for individual and small group coaching; experience teaching public classes at Kindness Yoga; and unlimited yoga for the duration of your Mentorship.


This program consists of three mentees and one mentor. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will:
  • Teach 4 public classes on the Kindness schedule
  • Receive personalized, actionable feedback
  • Hone and refine your teaching skills
  • Attend small group meetings and one-on-one sessions with your mentor
  • Clarify your teaching goals
  • Discover your authentic voice as a teacher

Space in this program is very limited and in high demand.

When you're ready, email Desiree, our Assistant Director of Teacher Training to apply for admission. Desiree will help place you into the mentoring group and schedule that's right for you.

Our Mentors

Elle Beau

Elle Beau, RYT-200

Elle began her journey with Yoga in 2013 on a quest for healing. Personal practice cultivated a seed of self-love that ignited a flame in her Soul. Elle believes that Yoga has the inclusive ability to heal hearts fully and give freedom to grow to our fullest potential, walking confidently in the direction of our dreams. Mindful and empowering flows with heartfelt themes and fun tunes will have you embracing the heat and basking in the comfort of our commUNITY. Well thought-out sequences will have you dancing to your peak and exploring your edge. 

Ellen Kaye

Ellen Kaye, ERYT-200

Embarking on a class with Ellen Kaye often begins with story, infuses the body with dance and ends in song. With an extensive background in movement, music and theater, Ellen invites her students to courageously practice something bigger than the pose. She believes each moment we navigate on the mat is a reflection of our daily lives. Through precise alignment, an open heart and a sense of play Ellen encourages her students to fulfill their greatest potential. She approaches yoga the same way she approaches theater: learn the form, create the space, and the heart will flourish from the inside out. Lastly, a promise: she will sing you into a sweet Savasana.

Ellen has created and led countless teacher trainings in Colorado and Mexico. She has led intimate seminars for teachers and festival classes of thousands. Ellen continues to expand her capacity to lead through ongoing study with Noah Maze, Darren Rhodes, and Landmark Education work. She serves as the general manager of Kindness Yoga.


Ginny Biddle

Ginny Biddle, ERYT-500

Ginny began practicing in 1992 at the original Jivamukti studio in New York City. She is Yoga Alliance certified at the E-RYT 500 level and has studied various forms of yoga including Jivamukti, Ashtanga, ISHTA, Anusara and Iyengar. She completed teacher training courses with Alan Finger, Peter Rizzo and Beryl Bender Birch. Ginny teaches challenging vinyasa classes that emphasize freedom of movement with breath, as well as alignment and structural integrity. A long time practitioner of meditation, Ginny teaches that yoga is as much about training the mind as it is the body. She is also an award-winning film producer and is currently the Director of Teacher Training at Kindness Yoga, and a Senior Lead Trainer.

Jack Cuneo

Jack Cuneo, ERYT-200

Practicing with Jack is about illumination–exploring beliefs and expanding the boundaries of body and spirit. His style combines expressive and playful asana with devotion, reverence and depthless experiential knowledge. Expect to laugh, work hard and steadily progress toward transformation.

Jack guides from years of study with teachers’ teachers in Ashtanga, Iyengar and Anusara styles. Although he is known for his capacity to perform almost every yoga posture, his instruction emphasizes the potency of practicing the basics with ever-increasing awareness and strength. He empowers students to forge a dynamic and graceful relationship with themselves–simultaneously loving who they are and striving for who they wish to become. Jack aspires to become a twinkly-eyes old man living on a mountain, infuriating visitors seeking straight answers by instead posing pithy, penetrating questions.

Jack leads public classes, teacher trainings and creative, progressive workshops in Denver. He emphasizes philosophy, leadership, professional skills, and creating connections with like-minded teachers and students. He continues to learn and grow through ongoing study with Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes, and Landmark Education. He also serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Kindness Yoga.


Jen Hicks

Jen Hicks, ERYT-200

Full of fire and swagger, Jen Hicks is one of the most sought-after yoga instructors in Denver. She has trained extensively in Forrest, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga and consistently delivers potent, expansive yogic teachings designed to strengthen the body, quiet the mind, and grow the spirit. Her dedication to her craft, attention to detail, and skillful hands-on assists take students deep into discipline, devotion, and discovery.

Jordan Smiley

Jordan Smiley, RYT-500

Yogic philosophy and meditation found Jordan when he was 13, and he undertook a devoted asana practice a decade later. Embodied meditation has been an integral part of his life and exploration since. He has studies and practiced a spectrum of yogic styles and movement practices, including Anusara, Astanga, Yin, spontaneous dance, hip-hop and break dance, running, and capoeira. Jordan offers yoga as moving meditation. His sequences are challenging, poetic, insightful and playful. Jordan sees yoga as a joyful medicine, and a miraculous way of life, and he is blessed to study and share it with you.

Kristen Boyle

Kristen Boyle, ERYT-200

Kristen is a yoga teacher, thai massage practitioner, and lifelong student of the body. Movement is her creative outlet. She likens her yoga mat to a playground, and loves to ponder, “What will my body get to experience today?”

Classes with Kristen emphasize that by working with our bodies – or the outermost layer of our being – we are able to explore and embody new concepts, ideas, and spirituality that transcend the subtle body to the core of our being. Through this process, we can take our yogic education off the mat and into the world. Students can expect an alignment-based Vinyasa flow that is challenging, fun, unpredictable, and creative with a lot of soul!

Lindsay Gonzalez

Lindsay Gonzalez, RYT-500

Lindsay is a professional SUP athlete and yoga teacher with over a decade of experience sharing her passion for freedom of movement, alignment, and therapeutics. She is a certified personal trainer and an athlete ambassador for Boardworks SUP and several other brands. She was honored as one of Denver's top yoga teachers by the Mile High Yoga Experience in 2013, and has led festival crowds larger than 1,000 yogis strong! Most recently, Lindsay has been a presenting SUP Yoga Instructor at Wanderlust Yoga Festivals.