Teacher Training FAQ

Here’s a FAQ of the most common questions we hear about our teacher training programs. If there’s anything we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to ask. Hope to see you in the studios soon!

I want to become a yoga teacher. Where do I start?

Congratulations on making this momentous decision! We recommend that you begin by enrolling in a Yoga Alliance-registered 200-hour yoga teacher training. It's something like a yoga bachelor's degree. Once you complete your 200-hour training, you might be ready to teach right away. Many trainees continue their studies by enrolling in a 300-hour training to deepen their knowledge and skills. Completing a 300-hour yoga teacher training is like getting a master's degree. It will prepare you to become a seasoned specialist or leader in your yoga community, capable of offering your own trainings at any level.

How proficient in yoga should I be before participating in yoga teacher training?

On one hand, teacher training with Kindness Yoga has no specific prerequisites, and you certainly don’t have to master all the postures before enrolling. We don’t think yoga teachers need to be advanced yoga athletes; they do need to be hungry for learning and growth – and ready to joyfully take responsibility for themselves and the experiences that inspire them.

On the other hand, our teacher training is rigorous. We strongly recommend that teacher trainees have at least one year of consistent asana practice. The more comfortable you are as a yoga practitioner, the more you will be able to focus on the teaching and transformational aspects of your training. Remember that our 200-hour teacher trainings aren’t just for aspiring teachers; they are also for students who want to deepen their practices.

How should I decide which training to take?

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing the program that’s right for you. Our trainings feature a variety of different schedules, style emphases, and teams of trainers. We recommend that you contact our training coordinator Ginny at ginny@kindnesscollective.com to talk through your options and find the combination of features that’s right for you!

How many students are in your trainings?

We strive to keep our teacher trainings small enough for students to get plenty of individual, hands-on attention from their trainers. The maximum number of students in our trainings ranges from 12 to 24, depending on the training you wish to enroll in. No matter the training, we strive to keep the student/teacher ratio relatively consistent.

What is the typical age range of students who take your trainings?

Students generally range from 20-55 years old. Kindness Yoga trainings tend to be diverse and attract folks from all walks of life.

What happens if I miss a day or weekend?

You are strongly advised to attend all sessions. But we understand that this is a significant commitment and life happens! If you miss something, you will be required to make up the missed material by taking a private session with one of the leads for an additional cost and/or completing homework.

If you miss less than 20 hours over the course of your training, you may still graduate with your class. If you must miss more than 20 hours, you may need to complete coursework in a future training.

What if I need to withdraw from the training?

If you withdraw from a Teacher Training more than 30 days prior to the start of your training, you will receive a full refund minus your $500 non-refundable deposit. If you withdraw less than 30 days prior to the start of your training, you are responsible for the full cost of the training. You are welcome to apply anything you’ve paid – including your non-refundable deposit – towards another Kindness Yoga Teacher Training. Teacher training payments may NOT be transferred to classes or merchandise.

Our Mentoring Program is a little different. Because you are part of a group of just three students supporting one another, withdrawing has a profound impact on your peers. For this reason, signing up for the Mentoring Program is an absolute commitment and refunds and transfers are not available. Thank you!

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

Yes! Many students pay in full before their training begins, but many others take advantage of our payment plan options:

You may divide your balance into 4 payments for a flat fee of $50 or…
…divide the balance into 8 payments for a flat fee of $100. 

We offer 50% off full tuition to Veterans. We work closely with Comeback Yoga, a 5013c non-profit dedicated to delivering free yoga classes to help military personnel, heir families, and supporters develop resiliency in response to their life experience. 

We occasionally offer discounts if we have extra spaces available in a training that hasn't sold out. We generally don't know until about a week before the start where there will be extra space. Many of our trainings sell out 6-8 weeks before the start. If money is a prohibitive factor and you are flexible with when and where you train with us, please reach out to our Director of Teacher Training to be added to our list.  If a space becomes available, you'll be among the first to know!

Does the cost of your trainings include textbooks?

The cost of your training includes the Kindness Yoga Teacher Training Manual and all special events and field trips, such as Soulful Breathwork and cadaver labs. It does not include additional books and resources. We have a library of books you are welcome to use during class, but we do recommend that you purchase your own copy of at least one asana-focused book such as Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar.

Will I be qualified to teach yoga after completing your training?

Yes! Once you’ve successfully completed the 200-hour requirements, you will receive a graduation certificate from Kindness Yoga. You may also register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level. Many new teachers also choose to continue their education by enrolling in our 300-hour professional yoga teacher training program. Upon completion of this advanced curriculum, you will be eligible to enroll with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.

Will I be ready to teach at Kindness Yoga?

All graduates of Kindness Yoga’s teacher trainings have the opportunity to teach community (free to the public) classes on the Kindness Yoga schedule. This is a fantastic opportunity to refine your skills and move towards a professional teaching position.

Perhaps the greatest testament to the quality of our trainings is the fact that we often hire our own graduates. Over 20% of teachers at Kindness Yoga have completed teacher trainings with us. That being said, auditions for Kindness Yoga classes are highly selective. It isn’t uncommon for teachers to audition here multiple times over months or even years while they gain experience and skill at other studios and in non-studio settings. So will you be ready? We hope so… breathe deep and study hard!

Does Kindness Yoga offer scholarships?

Kindness Yoga collaborates with Comeback Yoga to offer 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training scholarships to active duty service members or veterans of all service branches of the U.S. military. If a veteran is approved for a Comeback Yoga scholarship, Kindness Yoga may offer one spot per training for veterans at 50% of the full cost of the training. If a candidate is not successful in the Comeback Yoga scholarship process for any reason, they may still approach Kindness for a 50% scholarship.

Comeback Yoga requires at least one meeting between a Comeback Yoga Bateman Scholarship recipient, the lead teacher(s) of the training and a Comeback Yoga representative during the training.

Additional costs are the responsibility of the scholar. These may include reading materials, yoga supplies, private make-up sessions with the instructor if days are missed during training, Yoga Alliance registration, and insurance.

The Application Process:

Successful candidates demonstrate a willingness to serve the veteran community as well as a desire to deepen their personal yoga practice. Candidates must be committed to complete a 200-hour training. Scholarships are granted only once. There is no obligation on the part of either Kindness or Comeback Yoga to provide subsequent teaching opportunities. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

If you're interested in applying, you will need to complete the following:

  • Written application
  • Phone interview
  • Submit your resume
  • Reference checks
  • Provide a copy of your DD-214
  • Face to face interview with Bateman Scholarship Committee
  • Committee Feedback
Colorado residency is a preference for consideration for a scholarship.

I need a new certificate. How do I get one?

We can help! If you're a Kindness 200-hour or 300-hour graduate, please email our Assistant Director of Teacher Training. Electronic copies of the certificate are free, and hard copies are $50. Whichever version you would like, in your email please include your name as you'd like it to appear and specify the training from which you graduated.