Yoga Teacher Training at Kindness

What our graduates are saying:

"Yoga teacher training helped me in so many ways. I learned not only how to teach yoga effectively and safely but I learned how to use my voice in my everyday life. My teachers, classmates, and guest lecturers nurtured my self-discovery and finding my path. I wouldn't have done my training anywhere else, the community here is incredible."
-Cheyenne, 200-hour grad, Fall 2017

"When I signed up for Kindness YTT, I was scared and unsure of what would lie ahead. From the very beginning, I have been blown away with the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and kindness that is expressed through each class, from each lead, from each expert/guest teacher. Through the guidance of these unparalleled leaders, I have grown tremendously in this training. There was a feeling of "you can do this" from the leads every step of the way. They inspired us to stand in our power and find our voices. Enrolling in Kindness YTT has been the best decision of my life - I've made lifelong friendships and have transformed my yoga practice. I am eternally grateful."
-Wendy, 200-hour grad, Fall 2017

"When I signed up for YTT, I knew that my body was going to be challenged and changed - I didn't expect the training to touch me on such an emotional and spiritual level, and now I am even more excited about sharing this healing with others!"
-Sabeth, 200-hour grad, Summer 2016

"The absolute BEST thing I've ever done for myself. Kindness teacher training has given me the most amazing experience... I've learned how to lead, sequence a class, do assists, and have delved into the beautiful world of Sanskrit. I've made the most incredible friendships that I know will last. Most importantly, I'm learning how to love myself, to believe in my abilities as a yoga teacher AND as a person."
-Jennifer, 200-hour grad, Summer 2016

"This training has exceeded my expectations. Not only do I feel prepared to move into teaching, I feel stronger in my own practice and more in touch with myself and my purpose. Additionally, I now feel a part of an incredible community. I am grateful for all of the connections I've made."
-200-hour grad, Summer 2016

"So much more than a YTT. A life-transforming experience which helped me to become a better teacher, student and person as a whole."
-Pieter, 200-hour grad, Summer 2016

"Kindness YTT taught me SO much more about myself and opened my mind to the various aspects of yoga beyond just the physical practice. It was truly a life-changing experience that every human being should partake in. The leads were so inspiring and engaging... I will strive to impact the lives of my students the way they did me. So much love to Kindness!"
-Alex, 200-hour grad, Summer 2016

"Teacher training has been a unique journey for me. One filled with discomfort, fascination, challenge and most of all gratitude. Gratitude for history, tradition and the revelation of the divine gift within us."
-Michele, 200-hour grad, Winter 2016

"Teacher Training changed my world! The attention to details, the support and love from all of the incredibly knowledgeable instructors was amazing. I'm so glad that I did this through Kindness."
-200-hour grad, Winter 2016

"I can't even describe the impact YTT has had on my life. Total game changer, even life changer! It's a powerful personal journey of evolution - and learning to teach yoga is the cherry on top! And I cannot wait to teach this beautiful practice to as many people as I can."
-Ann, 200-hour grad, Winter 2017

"YTT with Kindness is an experience I will never forget. I have learned more about my depeest self and I have learned skills that will make me a more courageous and authentic teacher. The teachers at Kindness create an environment for inward and outward growth that should be experienced by all."
-Kaitlin, 200-hour grad, Winter 2017