Cosmic Alignment @ The Kindness Collective

Oct 26, 2021

At the Kindness Collective, we know that when we follow the natural cycles of the universe, we become aligned on all levels–body, mind, and community. That is why we have built our community with inspiration from the sun and the moon.

We have chosen a single solar principle to guide our offerings for the year 2021/2022: Resiliency.

And we’ve selected twelve potent lunar principles to enhance the power of our collective intention.

Many of us have struggled within the uncertainty of the moment. If you have been living on planet Earth, you know what I mean: economic inequality, social strife, and environmental catastrophe–all punctuated by physical separation from friends and loved ones in response to a global pandemic. Stress is real. But so is your opportunity for resilience. Resiliency means adaptability in the face of stress, trauma, or tragedy. Being resilient means bouncing back from difficult experiences...and then growing forward.

At the Kindness Collective, resiliency is a living reality. We have come together with our own stories of resilience. We look forward to sharing our challenges, our discoveries, and our breakthrough resources with you.

Lunar principles keep our community flowing in the same direction. When you become a member, you step into the flow. Experience the coordinated voices and vision of our lead facilitators as we guide you through coaching circles, accountability labs, movement, and meditation class all inspired by our lunar principles.

Prepare to dive deep into a monthly experience that is guided by the moon. We have gathered valuable skills, practices, education, coaching techniques, and teaching experience, to provide you with tools for a more sustainably resilient life.

Personally, I have been tuning into the rhythms of the moon for more than a decade. What this practice has provided me is a deeper connection to myself, the planet, and the people I am with every day. You are invited to celebrate abundance when the moon is full. You get to rewrite outdated stories when the moon is new. Each month provides opportunity for an intentional release, and restart, as we journey together into unimaginable collective resilience.

I’m not saying that you will never face adversity again. You will. But with the daily encouragement you find at the Kindness Collective, you will experience a support system like no other. Find the monthly lunar principles for 2021/2022 outlined below. I am excited to share this life-changing system with you.