3 Skills You Will Master in Coaching Circles

Nov 09, 2021

Our Coaching Circles are like a gym for your life! Here's what you will experience when you join a Coaching Circle.

The art of embodiment 

This is one of the fundamental teachings that we do every Coaching Circle - learn to bring your awareness into your body. What’s the big deal about that? Our bodies are the physical expression of all of our thoughts, emotions, trauma, and our whole life! One definition of the word 'embody' is “to be seen”.  I resonate with this message. Our bodies are how we are seen as being here. Our bodies quite literally are always with us.

However, we spend most of our time in a culture and worldview that prioritizes our thoughts and mind perspectives. So for most of us, the wisdom of our bodies goes largely forgotten. We get it! In our fast-paced lives making quick decisions is valued and an integral part of day-to-day life. 

That is why when you prioritize yourself for one hour a week with a Coaching Circle, you will slow down, check-in, and reap the rewards of listening to your body. Now, this may seem like a luxury, and it is! However, the insights, direction, and problem-solving that can come from simply pausing to embody are truly miraculous. 

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The three-word check-in

One of the hallmarks of personal growth and empowerment is that achieving progress is centered around simple, daily practices. One of the rich takeaways from the Coaching Circle is the practice of the three-word check-in. Everyone has had the experience of asking someone, “How are you doing?” only to hear an “Ok” or “Fine.”

This type of response is accepted, and part of what is expected is that we generally stop the inquiry right there. Instead, what we practice together in Circle, is the depth of a three-descriptive-word check-in. 

You will be blown away by how much more you realize about yourself, your loved ones and the curiosity for how much nuance exists underneath the one-word answers to the question, “How are you?”

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The skill of holding space for ourselves and another

This is a literal superpower! It is hiding in plain sight and will make a tremendous difference with every relationship you have. Each Coaching Circle, we teach and practice the skill of holding space for ourselves and each other. 

Holding space is a practice that, if done regularly, becomes the antidote for our high-strung nervous systems, our over-focus on having the answer to every question, and the experience of peace while being with another human being. 

With a small commitment of time each week, begin to recreate your inner world. As a result, we can grow with each other while lowering stress and increasing our resilience!

Together we have the power to become more resilient individuals and a stronger community!

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