Tis’ the Season to Celebrate Yourself

Dec 23, 2021

by Kourtney De La Luz

“Live every day as if it is a festival. Turn your life into a celebration.”

-Shri Radhe Maa

It is December, and people are thinking about celebrating the season with food, gifts, and get-togethers.  The most important and often forgotten thing year-round is that we engage in the practice of celebrating ourselves. 

We can begin this process by honoring and acknowledging our bodies for all it does for us.  For breath, for digestion, for moving us forward, standing us up, and sitting us down.  We can thank our bodies for protecting us and for their constant contact with cosmic intelligence in numerous and, at times, mysterious ways. 

The next thing we can do is a gratitude practice to highlight all the gifts and blessings in our lives. Nothing is ever personal, nothing is permanent, and nothing is perfect—and most of all, there is so much to be thankful for.

Finally, may we consider rejoicing in our wins? Kids under five celebrate all their wins, even the silly stuff!  They even celebrate when they fall and get back up.  They smile, laugh, and clap.  Celebrating our wins is key to personal growth and staying aligned with our intentions.

Remember, we get more of what we focus on, so let’s create rituals to honor ourselves. Some ideas would include:

  •           Journaling
  •           Time in Nature
  •           A nap
  •           A bath
  •           Reading for pleasure (not work)
  •           Movement that feels good to you (dance, yoga, running, etc.)
  •           Art (Painting, drawing, writing, creating music)
  •           Sitting down and drinking tea
  •           Stillness

It does not have to be a big production. What matters is that we do it, preferably daily.

The benefits of celebrating our wins are countless.  Keep going!


Kourtney De La Luz is a visionary, keynote speaker, personal and business development coach, philanthropist, yoga teacher, and advocate of us ALL being well and winning.