Are You Curious Enough?

Dec 08, 2021
Kindness Collective Curiosity

By R.R. Shakti

The December moon is often called “the moon of the darkest night,” because it falls near the Winter Solstice. Shorter daylight hours mean longer stretches of umbra that invite us into a world of wonder, contemplation, and soul quest.

This is a time for inquiry–for deep curiosity. Treasures untold wait for you in the murky demi-world of your unconscious psyche. The December moon invites you to explore the depths.

 It begins with one question: “What don’t I know?”

We are all pretty sure about one thing: our own perspective. So many conversations begin with, “Look here,” or “Listen up,” because “This is where I stand.”

The whole entire enterprise of human engagement becomes a quest to be understood. But standing in that mentality means staying in the dark—denying that there’s another point of view. Relationships become stagnant. Personal growth is stunted. Passion fades.

In the Sci-fi movie, “The Matrix,” a great adventure begins when the hero character, Neo, is given a choice to take a red pill or a blue one. The blue pill will keep in him safe inside the world he has always known. It will satisfy his ego’s need to be right about his reality. But deep inside, Neo knows that his “reality” is limited by his perspective. The red pill would free him from that limitation. With the red pill comes a pivotal question: “Are you curious enough to break through the limitations of your ego perspective?”

Curiosity is magic. It is the super-power spark that ignites the flames of courage, compassion, and creativity. It illuminates the darkness of self-doubt and self-righteousness. It gives you insight to illuminate your own shadows and to embrace the heart-mind of another. It leads you into a whole new world of deeper understanding, more meaningful relationships, and a cosmic expansion of reality. Many of us have struggled within the uncertainty of the moment. If you have been living on planet Earth, you know what I mean: economic inequality, social strife, and environmental catastrophe.

But even in the darkest night, curiosity propels you forward. It calls you to imagine: “What could happen next?” Curiosity keeps you asking yourself: “What can I create with this one amazing, miraculous, and wonderful life?”

R.R. Shakti, PhD is a Contemplative Mythologist and Depth Psychologist who combines soul stories and embodied ritual for active spirituality. She invites you to be a Soul Artist–to create your most meaningful life. Find more Shakti at



In the Northern Hemisphere, December brings the moon of the darkest night. This lunar principle invites you to get curious–to dive deeper. Explore the treasures of your unconscious psyche. Listen for the messages of your emotions, intuition, and dreams. Experiment with your movements and contemplative practices.

This is a great month to ask: “What don’t I know?” ...and gain new insight.

December Themes, Moons, & Holidays: The Moon of the Darkest Night • Curiosity • Sagittarius • Fire