No more feeble New Year’s resolutions. IT'S TIME FOR REVOLUTION!

Dec 30, 2021

By R.R Shakti, PhD

It is time to discover your most meaningful–most radically authentic–life

 According to mythic wisdom–from both Eastern and Western traditions, an authentic life requires a courageous heart. It requires you to realize your essential wholeness and to  claim the part you play in creating your world.  

It isn’t easy to reconcile the dissonant beliefs of our social landscape, or to hold  the tension of the opposites within your own psyche. The complete yogic path includes  trudging through the barren hostility of the current psycho-spiritual schism–a world akin to what poet, T.S. Elliot, called The Waste Land. It is difficult and unnerving. But if you  want to recover your individual wholeness - your freedom - you must reconcile the  divisive wasteland within.

The greatest quest of the modern yogin heeds the call to  radical authenticity and psycho-spiritual wholeness.  

It is a hero’s quest. 

Mythic wisdom invites you to dive deep beneath the surface of your limitation. You must  confront the judgements that bind you, and the socially-imposed images of what you  “ought” to be. You must illuminate your shadows, own your super-powers, and realize the truth of who you are. Like the examples of Arthurian legend, Creation myths, folk  tales, and Hindu epics, you are called to traverse the underworld of your psyche - explore the caverns of your heart. You will be stripped of both the attachment and  aversion surrounding your perceived identity. Then, and only then, will you realize something greater.

You will come to know yourself in a brave and thoroughly honest way.  

It takes courage. 

I am writing this from experience. Every day presents another real-life opportunity for  courage. Beyond accepting my sordid past of missteps, I am challenged to embrace the  whole truth of this very moment: my soul’s purpose, my marriage and family life, my life’s mission. I have explored the barren wasteland of attachment and aversion again and again. I have discovered that there are no answers–only stories. The way I  compose and interpret my personal mythology determines my entire vision. Mythic wisdom provides a map to discover the most fertile ground of my creative power. It  gives me the seeds to plant, and the tools to cultivate my own authentic growth.  

I’ve been down this road enough to know: It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.  

How to improve your life?

The combined power of World Mythology and Depth Psychology provides a compass  for the hero’s journey. It unpacks a treasury of symbols and archetypes to empower the  human experience and make your life more colorful, more beautiful…more fun. It invites you to discover the middle way path of mystic wisdom. It shows you the multiple roles you play and inspires you to play them to your fullest expression. Contemplative Mythology provides you with glimpses of your own true nature. You realize that all  mythic archetypes reside within yourSelf–your whole Self—which is infinite in possibility and one with everything. 

With fundamental integrity, through acceptance of your multi-faceted wholeness, you  gain the freedom to live a life that is rich with meaning. You love unconditionally. You  create your own destiny. Chaos gives way to a purpose-filled life. Your experience is  informed by the choices you make in the face of each new situation. With a courageous heart, you become an informed creator of, and participant in, your own adventure. 

No more feeble new year’s resolutions. 

The lunar principle for January is courage, because the transformation you truly desire  requires it. Real and lasting change is only possible when you encounter the deepest aspects of  yourself and courageously stand in your wholeness. Whatever you want to be, do, or experience this is already within you.  

It's time for a Mythic Revolution.  

I have developed a coaching series for the Kindness Collective: Archetypal  Empowerment. It is a compilation of some of my favorite soul stories and chock-full of mystic jewels. Join me on a mythic, heroic, adventure into this psycho spiritual treasury. Bring your courage. 

R.R. Shakti, PhD is a Contemplative Mythologist and Depth Psychologist who combines  soul stories and embodied rituals for active spirituality. She invites you to be a Soul  Artist–to create your most meaningful life. Join her coaching circle at the Kindness  Collective.  Find more Shakti at