November Lunar Principle: Connection

Nov 01, 2021

November invites you into the sanctuary of human connection.

November Themes, Moons, & Holidays: The Beaver Moon • Connection • Scorpio • Water Element • Gathering Energy • Collaboration • Building Shelter • Sanctuary

Yesterday I took my little daughter to a hot-spring pool just to watch her swim. I didn’t bring my phone. I left my books at home. It was a moment of heaven just to connect with my child; to enter into another realm, where mermaids play. She dove beneath the surface to flip and twist and glide. She kicked her way back to me for a slippery snuggle, then launched away again to show me more of her aquatic dance. I relished the phrase, “Watch this mom!” as just about the best three words ever strung together, a dynamic variation of “I love you.”

Real connection is an act of love. It is climbing into another person’s experience, to touch the essence of another human heart with your full attention.

Connection is the lunar principle for November. Inspired by the Beaver Moon, it marks a time when critters of the North American landscape work together to gather stores and build retreats for the winter ahead. This moon invites you to gather in community, collaborate for collective resilience, and deeply connect within the human sanctuary.

The Moon is Magic.

Actually, it is more than magical.

The lunar display of cyclical transformation is nothing short of mystical. Before scientists confirmed its gravitational power over the planet–the cycles and tides-mystics and poets sang of the moon’s energetic sway. Each month provides opportunity to celebrate the illuminating power of the full moon and surrender into the cleansing potential of the new moon.

When you align your daily practice with the rhythms of la luna, your entire life becomes attuned with the generating song of the universe. You become a creative force for manifesting your most meaningful human experience.

November is the month of connection. The full moon provides time to celebrate in community and to remember gratitude. The new moon asks you to let go of any protective patterns–barriers–that have prevented you from truly connecting with the world around you. Fears are conquered, limitations are dissolved, and wounds are healed in the sanctuary of deep person-to-person connection.

Join us as we dive into the sanctuary.


R.R. Shakti, PhD