Regeneration, Rejuvenation and Restoration

Aug 11, 2021

By Kourtney De La Luz 

We are in a unique time in history that calls for spiritually advanced social skills and new business models with soul-full leadership that supports all people thriving. The goal is to move towards better than normal. It is our collective responsibility and privilege as participants in the yoga and wellness space to engage in these conversations and to take correct action. It is time for all of us to consider how we can contribute to better. While I understand that the work that lies ahead in this time and space can sound overwhelming, the goal is to heal, and we cannot heal what we do not face. That is my why—collective healing on micro and macro levels. Unification and consciousness can only come from a deep healing. Dismantling oppressive systems is an act of healing-- operating with more spirit than ego, thinking and behaving in terms of collaboration versus competition are curative. On the spiritual path we do not have the luxury of fighting our problems with an egoistic mindset. If we want to use the opportunity to change our perspective and attitude, we must deal with them in a different manner. This behavior is seen by those around us, especially those that we influence. Here we will not take any action that gives our ego a sense of comfort or a feeling of pride. We will invite the discomforts into our lives with an open mind and learn to accept and appreciate them for their value and importance in shaping our consciousness and our behavior. A spiritual person seeking liberation embraces difficulties to overcome old attachments and preferences. There is a great deal of interdependence in the world. We do not usually recognize it or feel grateful about it. We think that every success that we achieve is because of our individual merits or some chance events. But from the time we are born we receive help from innumerable sources, without which it would not be possible for us to live at all. We cannot exist without interacting with the world or without depending upon others for our survival and sustenance. Every living being relates to life’s innumerable streams in mysterious ways. Whether we are aware of it or not and whether we give them the permission or not, numerous people make possible our lives and our experiences. Together we replace anger, blaming, shaming, dysfunctions of all kinds and chose to be fueled by something else. It is not a suggestion to tolerate poor behavior, yet an invitation to be clear, forgive, be better, do better and love. This heals on individual, communal, and planetary levels--this is the work of our time. Om and Prem