Two things for your next level!

Dec 14, 2021

 By Patrick Harrington

Let’s get real. If you are reading this, you are ready and interested in having more of what you want in your life. It’s easy to see (if you look) how you arrived at this moment RIGHT NOW.

You have been a seeker for a long time, am I right?

Chances are, you have tried many ways to reach your goals of living your best life. You likely have gone into and out of patterns that work, perspectives that feel good, and relating to life from the higher and lower places on your roller coaster.

One thing that I have found to be true is that natural growth and progress are not allopathic. They are more like a vitamin section than the pharmacy. Often true change takes a mix of “Good For You” things, to achieve the results you are looking to manifest.

These two perspectives below will help you when choosing how to invest your limited time and energy towards change.

The integration of mind, body, and spirit practices are much more effective than the sum of the parts individually.

The way our human system works best relies on the combination of many factors. How we sleep, how we eat, and how we move make up a large part of how we feel. Studies have shown that these aspects of our lives even makeup and co-create our personalities!

When one of these areas of our lives is off, it can throw all of them into disarray. At the same time, you can focus on one area at a time and see some outstanding results.

To experience the greatest version of yourself, cultivate the will and desire to integrate practices for a lifestyle that supports better decisions in all areas of your life.

The community you invest with is the community that will grow you or bring you down.

“You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Someone awesome wrote this! I have found it to be true across my life and I have also found it to be a little confusing. I have many different communities that I hang with.

My historic friend group, my workgroup, my family group, my workout group, my spiritual group, and on and on.

So, it really helped when I started to look at the areas of my life in a new way, I began to focus my attention on whether a group of people was growing me, re-creating me as the someone I have been, or pulling me down or having me doubt myself.

By making a list broken out in these three ways, I was able to distinguish that across my friend groups, there were people that I wanted to focus my time and energy on more than others.

Do this today. It will illuminate where you might make some shifts and focus your limited amount of time to invest in relationships.

The time for self-improvement is now, in fact, it always is, NOW. LOL.

But seriously, choosing to make a change in your life is easier today than it will be tomorrow. Set your alarm to get up to meditate because if you don't do it early, you won't do it at all.

That one decision makes a huge difference.

Then with the momentum of doing one thing good for you, stack that choice by moving your body, with a lunchtime yoga session. Choosing a movement practice that is “360 degrees” in its approach, like yoga, martial arts, etc. resets your mental and physical systems at the same time.

You get more return on the investment of your time.

Lastly, choosing a community of people that will hold you in your individuality, reflect their own lives, and be real with you makes creating clear life choices even easier. Putting yourself in relationships with positive people, having deeper than average conversations about real life will support you in becoming who you are meant to be.

The Kindness Collective was created to support these exact intentions and experiences. Join us or join elsewhere, the point is to consciously create your life, now!

WE need you to become your best self because there is no better time to be a part of the change we all want to see in the world.

With love in my heart and mind for you, Patrick.