Pay What You Can

Kindness Yoga  started out as a heartfelt belief:

The final frontier for humanity isn't space or time - it's kindness.

We started this business to spread mindfulness and yoga because they were the most effective techniques we knew for creating community and helping people develop a capacity for compassion. We also realized that when you put the word "kindness" on your front door, you're holding yourself accountable to something every time you show up to practice or to work.

Our students, teachers, and staff are always engaging with the idea of kindness. What does it mean to have a business that operates with kindness? What does it mean to be kind to your family? To the planet? To yourself?

Our rates reflect the cost of running a business in Denver and our commitment to creating a model that fairly compensates our hardworking staff. But at the same time, Kindness Yoga is a company driven by our hearts and our love of yoga. We believe that making yoga accessible and inclusive makes the world a better place, and we want you to practice no matter your financial situation. That's why we're committed to offering students a pay-what-you-can policy, which we call our Pay What You Can Drop-In.

What does this mean? We don't turn students away for lack of funds.

Come to any regularly-scheduled adult yoga class and pay what you can. It's that simple. This offer is available to students wishing to practice at any adult class at any time.

There's no catch. We have people who come to class and pay a dollar; we have people who come and pay twenty. Ultimately, we have staked our business on the kind of world we want to do business in: one that values abundance and generosity.

If you can afford to pay for a Kindness Yoga membership or class pack, we thank you. We exist only because of your ongoing support and participation. We appreciate you so much! We hope you are blessed with muditā  - joy at the fortune of others - for you are making it possible for many people in your community to access life-changing teachings, practices, and a sense of community that is altogether rare these days.

Everyone wins.

We believe that's how it should be.

We believe that's how it can be.

Are you in?

If you are, check out our regular rates and our class schedule!