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Podcast Episode 16: The Power of Sobriety

Blog post image - Podcast Episode 16: The Power of Sobriety
In today's episode of The Kindness Collective Podcast, we sit down with Kindness Teacher Bass Bridgforth as he shares his journey through addiction into sobriety. We all fight some sort of addiction, but for those battling an addiction to drugs, alcohol or even porn, this is an episode that will leave you walking away with hope and some ideas for how you too can find the light and community you've been looking for. 

“The father my daughter sees is the man I am”

Bass aka Bass-A-Frass aka the Sober Yoga SoulJah. Is a dedicated being on the front lines of addiction.
After selling his arbor business (Limb by Limb) this year to pursue teaching full time, he found his niche within the field of trauma and recovery. He is the conscious creator of COLO (conscious love) that will be launching their flagship product next year. Bass is also a Facilitator of Freedom Experiences within his company Mile High Vibe Tribe.

“The opposite of addiction is connection”

Show Notes:

03:00 Where Bass got his name

07:00 Where sobriety started for Bass

12:00 Becoming addicted 

18:40 Celebration in sobriety

20:00 The 12 steps

22:00 The death of his father

25:20 Jeremy Wolf’s Peru retreat

26:50 No porn pact

33:00 First step to sobriety

Find out more about Bass:

Bass Bridgforth on Instagram

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