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Podcast Episode 17: Conversations in Costa Rica

Blog post image - Podcast Episode 17: Conversations in Costa Rica

In this episode of the Kindness Collective, Patrick Harrington is in Costa Rica leading a retreat and sits down with fellow yoga teacher Marck Jansen. They walk through memory lane of Marck finding yoga and the change it had on his life. Marck shares his advice on creating your own practice and the tools he uses for self-care (hint: He loves baths). Join us today for all this and more on the Kindness Collective. 

“What I love about Asana is that it’s a mirror to how we live and how we are doing things”

Show Notes:

05:40 First yoga class
13:00 The pros and cons of teaching Bikram
17:05 Karma points
20:00 Before yoga
22:41 Self Care - The role of the bathtub 
28:55 Balance of strength and flexibility
32:00 How often should you practice?
42:08 Living a life of gratitude
46:00 What is Kindness?

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