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Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 04: Kari Kwinn

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On today's episode of the Kindness Collective, Patrick speaks with Kindness teacher Kari Kwinn. Kari tells her story of learning to find her own direction, her discovery of yoga, and the importance of solitude in your practice. 

Yin yoga is like elephant seals on the beach... where you lay on one side for a while and then flop over.

Kari believes that there is more than one right way to do everything, that our bodies do what we teach them to do, and that yoga is more than the poses. In addition to trainings and lived experience, she values integration and thoughtful, creative classes delivered with wit and humor. So that's she how teaches. Kari's background includes advanced training in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Prenatal, and Yin yoga; and her practice predates the invention of “yoga pants.” In her spare time, she collects and recounts stories, marvels at the oddities of human relationship, and asks good questions. She also teaches yoga teachers about Yin, and everyone about boundaries. 

Solitude is medicine, isolation is poison

You can find Kari's classes at Kindness Yoga's Golden studio.

Intro music: Bee Is a Bee by Science Partner

03:00 - Finding the right direction 
07:20 - Compromise, is it a good idea?
16:40 - Boundaries
20:55 - Forgetting how to want
23:05 - Why yoga
27:50 - Teaching yoga as a high schooler
33:50 - Kari as a writer 37:50 - Kari’s memoir coming soon
38:10 - Yin Yoga
45:50 - Meditation
56:05 - Owning a yoga studio
60:08 - Is money spiritual?
66:50 - Women in yoga
64:00 - Solitude is medicine, isolation is poison


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