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Kindness Collective Podcast: 05 - Yoga And The Spirit

Blog post image - Kindness Collective Podcast: 05 - Yoga And The Spirit
Patrick sits down with Kindness yoga teacher, Davida Wright-Galvin to discuss the power of Buddhism in Davida's life, her passion for yoga as a tool for pain recovery and her experience as a biracial woman in the yoga world. Join us, as we travel along Davida's journey in yoga all on the Kindness Collective podcast. 

Find what resonates with you, what wakes up your spirituality

Davida found her passion for yoga while on a journey to heal her body. After teaching fitness for more than 20-years she started to succumb to aging and physical strain. She says “yoga saved my life.” During her 200-hour yoga teacher training with LifePower Yoga in 2016 she discovered Yin Yoga and its restorative and meditative qualities. Now she is on a mission to share yin with EVERYONE.

We are our reality

Intro music: Bee Is a Bee by Science Partner
01:28 Davida’s yoga journey
04:20 Arthritis and yoga
07:15 Low back pain
11:47 Manifesting your reality with your thoughts
12:44 Yoga practices while driving
19:04 What pain teaches
20:21 Teaching yoga as a parent
23:41 Buddism
30:45 Growing up bi-racially
36:37 Diversity in yoga
42:27 Daily practice for mindfulness
47:20 Self-care
49:57 What does Kindness mean to you?


Kindness is accepting people for who they are and seeing their highest potential

Find more about her on her website here

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