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Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 02: Jeremy Wolf

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In this episode of the Kindness Collective Podcast, Patrick Harrington sits down with Yoga Nidra teacher, Jeremy Wolf.

"The purpose of yoga is to make better choices" - Rod Stryker

Jeremy Wolf's interest in mind and body began with martial arts. Later, meditation became his doorway into yoga. He received his initial yoga certification in India in Classical Yoga, and has completed his 500-hour certification through Rod Stryker's school of ParaYoga. Jeremy is an E-RYT 500, YACEP, reiki master, meditation and yoga nidra teacher, with formal training in the Bihar, Himalayan, iRest, and Amrit methods of Yoga Nidra, and a music producer/label DJ for France's Ultimae Records and Chile/USA's Ovnimoon Records. His weekly classes and trainings seek to embody the richness and holistic practice of yoga's deeply spiritual origin, and he sees yoga as an ancient and powerful system of tools designed to create the deepest levels of healing and transformation. Based at Kindness Yoga in Denver, Jeremy leads workshops, trainings, local and international retreats, and teaches in both 200-hr and 300-hr yoga teacher certification programs.

At some level, the ability for you to express your greatness to the world is directly proportionate to the level of self-care that you are giving yourself.

Get ready to hear the insights of how yoga can transform your everyday life, and how the power of Yoga Nidra has helped Jeremy with his insomnia. All this and more on the Kindness Collective Podcast. 

Show Notes:

Intro music: Bee Is a Bee by Science Partner

04:10 - Managing time

05:40 - How has becoming a parent changed your yoga experience? 

08:55 - Different types of yoga practices

12:54 - Yoga as an investment

16:40 - Finding balance in caring for others and for ourselves

18:00 - Autonomic nervous system

19:44 - The value of doing nothing

21:15 - Return on investment of doing nothing

23:22 - Jeremy’s relationship with his teachers

26:30 - How do you define "teacher"?

33:00 - Jeremy’s entry into yoga

40:40 - The benefits of going through yoga teacher training programs

45:00 - Kindness means union

51:00 - The practice of meditation

53:00 - Kindness and nice are two different things

60:00 - Journey with sleep and Yoga Nidra

68:00 - What can we expect from Yoga Nidra and Jeremy in the future?

Take a class with Jeremy Wolf at Kindness Yoga or follow his journey through his website and his recordings on Mindset timer.

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