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Acu Corner: Cool Off!

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Acupuncture Corner: Cool Off!

July Wellness Tip: Naturally cool your body down with some watermelon! It clears summer heat AND tastes delicious. Eat the fruit, and for bonus cooling effects, cut up the rind and put it in your water for more electrolytes, extra hydration, and extra tasty water. To accompany your cooling beverage, grant yourself permission to "pause." With the frenetic energy of summer, it's important to carve some moments to down-regulate your nervous system so you can more mindfully move forward vs. operating on autopilot, which taxes the internal systems. This is the most Yang time of year - because the environmental energy is more depleting, it's essential to remain vigilant in the pursuit of self-assessment, reflection, and care. Cheers to you cooling off!

July Acupuncture Point: SJ-2 (San Jiao 2, or "Triple Burner/Heater") is located in the outside webbing between your ring and little finger. When you make a fist, it's easy to find on the other hand. SJ-2 is effective at clearing heat from the body and alleviating agitation due to heat, specifically in the upper jiao. This point also activates the channel to alleviate pain along the meridian which begins at the ring fingernail, goes up the back of the arm, around the ear, and ends at the eye.

The three burners are upper, middle, and lower. They control intake, transformation, and elimination, respectively. The San Jiao system governs waterways in the body, contributes to hormone regulation,  and acts as a thermostat of the body to make sure systems are cooling and heating properly. Specific points address certain conditions, such as reducing fever, clearing heat from the eyes, neck, tongue, and throat, soothing the heart and spirit, alleviating headaches, nausea, and constipation.

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