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Acu Corner: Sustain Your Flame

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December: Sustain Your Flame

By Natalie Franciose, LAc

Is it really December? The weather is giving mixed signals and we need to trust the internal meter to tune into what the body needs at this time. The sun sets early and rises late, which means we need more down time. Are you turning in earlier than "usual?" Depending on what your energy stores are, these days could be indicative of what you really need. As we enter the Yin time of the year, the darker and slower months call on everything to slow down. Take heed of the warning of winter and turn your energy inward to prepare for the coming months.

December Wellness Tip: Notice what isn't anchored in your world or yourself. What can you do to turn up the drive and motivate yourself, or call in the fire? What can you do to sustain your flame so you don't burn out? Be mindful of where you put your energy and attention. Release what is out of your control and siphons your energetic stores. Fear is the emotion of the water energies in your body. If fear comes up, flow through it and navigate it as if you are water flowing through a stream, not letting the rocks and trees deter you from your path. Be mindful and see what you can change in your own flow.

December Acupuncture Point: UB 60, located precisely halfway between the tip of the outer ankle bone and Achilles tendon. Cation: If you are pregnant, do not press unless you want assistance in labor! The point is good for acute pain such as headache, stiff neck, shoulder pain or spasms, heel and ankle pain, and sciatica. It aids with asthma, shortness of breath, dizziness, and difficult or slow labor.

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