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Podcast Episode 18: Celebrating love in life, nature, and yoga!

Blog post image - Podcast Episode 18: Celebrating love in life, nature, and yoga!
Today Patrick speaks with adventurer and friend Andrew Fraser. Andrew shares his journey of surviving the 1999 Columbine shooting and how that set him on a path to explore life in a whole new way leading him to yoga and learning to let love in. Just in time for Valentine’s day, see how love can enter our lives in the most unusual of ways. 

“Each time I stood on top of a new mountain... I was crafting a new sense of myself in relation to a much bigger world”

Andrew is a speaker, coach and storyteller. He is the Gym Director at Movement Climbing + Fitness RiNo and has been teaching yoga for nine years. When not flowing on his mat, you can find him scrambling Colorado 14ers, flying his wingsuit through the clouds and camping with his wife under the stars.

“Kindness is a return to tribalism and what it means to take care of our own”

Show Notes:
02:00 Growing up in Colorado
06:13 University
07:08 Columbine shooting
08:35 Feeling of not belonging
19:50 Coming to Yoga
26:00 How does knowing yourself enhance extreme sports
33:00 Bending time with yoga
36:00 Yoga and commitment
43:25 What is at risk when letting someone in?
49:00 What does Kindness mean to you?

Where to Find Andrew:

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