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Getaway Plan – Learn to Teach Yoga in Breathtaking Bali

Blog post image - Getaway Plan – Learn to Teach Yoga in Breathtaking Bali

Bali is one of three countries author Elizabeth Gilbert visits in her popular travel memoir Eat Pray Love. Actress Julia Roberts portrays Gilbert in the film adaptation. News flash: The book is better (surprise, surprise). Still, the Balinese landscape shines (Location Oscar, anyone?). Lindsay Gonzalez first watched the movie version on her virgin flight to the breathtaking Indonesian province. She was equally entertained by what was happening offscreen. 

“I got my first impressions of Bali on the short flight from Jakarta to Bali,” recalls the Kindness Yoga teacher. “Sitting on the plane, I vividly remember being blown away by how happy everyone seemed. The flight attendants were dressed beautifully and everyone had an incredibly big smile. I knew something special was in store.”

Gonzalez is leading Kindness's inaugural Bali Teacher Training in June. A resort called Bali Cliff is on board to host. It's an absolutely stunning venue. And one of Gonzalez's numerous surfboards will come in handy nearby. 

“The Cliff is ideal for learning because it’s quiet and tranquil,” says Gonzalez. “Surrounded by hiking trails with views of the ocean, the open air yoga room is cool and glamorous. The rooms are clean and private and the food is organic and local. And it's a ten minute drive from the surf beach.”

Gonzalez has been surfing since she was 10, when her mom landed a surfboard at a yard sale. She even taught surfing in Costa Rica for a couple years. Spectacular surfing isn't all Bali has to offer though. There's plenty for non-surfers to enjoy too. 

“Bali is so nurturing. We will eat the foods off the land, swim in tropical waters and listen deeply to the lessons of karma all around us. Bali is home to a community of yogis.”

Colorado is an om state. Alaska is the only state with more yoga studios per capita. Consequently, there's no shortage of teacher trainings right here in our om backyard. Yet Gonzalez believes there is immense benefit in committing to a destination teacher training. 

“Getting away helps you get out of your own way, to completely immerse yourself in the experience of learning in a supportive community. Each day is fully dedicated to practice, experience, adventure and connections.” 

Kindness's Bali Teacher Training transpires May 16 through June 10. Learn more or register here.

This post was written by guest blogger, George Peele, who writes for 303 Magazine and has been a long-time student of Kindness Yoga.

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