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Hey yogis! Beginning this December, you'll notice a new class style on the schedule: the Kindness Signature Series! This series was championed by Kindness Yoga founder Patrick Harrington and until now has been offered exclusively in a room heated to about 85 degrees under the name Kindness Hot (affectionately refereed to by many practitioners as KindaHot). It's an all-levels practice that moves through the same comprehensive postures every time - it supports tremendous strength, stability, grounding and focus while leaving very little wear and tear on the elbows, wrists, and shoulders.

Starting on 12/04/17, when you see Kindness Signature Series on the schedule, you'll be getting the same sequence of postures that Kindness Hot practitioners know and love, but in a room with the temperature set between 75 and 80 degrees, like the majority of Kindness classes.

What does this mean for you? First, if you're not into the whole heated room thing, you now have access to this elegant series without quite as much sweat. Second, Kindness Hot has historically only been available at a few of our locations because of its heating and cooling requirements. The Signature Series grants you access to this sequence of postures at studio locations that have never been able to support Kindness Hot. It's the essence of what we're up to as a business: creating more opportunities for you to make practice a part of your everyday life!

And, for our KindHot devotees, don't worry - we still offer KindHot at every facility that can effectively reach and maintain the right temperature. It's just that now, the series is available to everyone everywhere! Learn more about the Kindness Signature Series and where they're being offered here. See you on the mat!

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