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New Year Challenge: What Are You Cultivating?

Blog post image - New Year Challenge: What Are You Cultivating?

We are gearing up for the Kindness New Year Challenge, and we want to know: what do you want to cultivate that will serve every pocket of your life and your practice? Patience? Love and generosity? Peace?

You'll also take your yoga practice to a new level by setting a goal of how many classes you want to take in January. Challenge yourself to try new classes, meet new teachers, and along the way cultivate something that's relevant both on and off your mat. By doing so you will have the opportunity to win one of our awesome prizes and start the new year by creating a nourishing, sustainable, and personal yoga practice!

We will be here to cheer you on as you crush it, and for added inspiration we have more prizes than ever before. There will be pop-up challenges on social media, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page to get in on the action.

The Details:

  1. Decide how many classes per week you want to take between January 1 and 28 (up to 28)
  2. Pick up your challenge card at any studio starting December 26th
  3. Write your name, class goal, and what you're cultivating on your card
  4. Bring your card with you to every class and ask your teacher or front desk staff to initial one bubble per class you attend (workshops count too!)
  5. Once you've completed your challenge goal, turn in your card at any studio from January 24 through February 5 to be entered for a chance to win the Grand or Great Prizes!

The prize lineup may knock your yoga socks off (and we're not sorry about it)!

Grand Prize: One Year of Unlimited Yoga at Kindness OR a 200-hour Kindness Teacher Training

Great Prize: VitaMix Blender

Gratitude Prize: Three Private Coaching Sessions (45 minutes each) with Kindness Yoga Founder, Patrick Harrington! 

PLUS pop-up opportunities on social media to win Kindness swag!

We will be selecting the winners of the challenge live! Join us on Facebook Live, February 7th at 4pm MST as we select the challenge winners!

Most importantly, have fun and remember: You are Kindness and we love you!

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