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It's Voting Season, y'all!

Blog post image - It's Voting Season, y'all!

Kindness Yoga is so blessed that you choose our spaces every day to show up to your yoga practice and your life. We mean it when we say "you are Kindness," and we hope that you know it's YOU that makes this place truly special. 

Blog post image - Acu Corner: Reflecting for Wisdom
January: Reflecting for Wisdom 

Emotional vs. Physical Hunger

Blog post image - Emotional vs. Physical Hunger

The Difference Between Emotional and Physical Hunger 

Blog post image - New to Kindness? A Quick-Start Guide.

We heard you're considering coming to Kindness, and we're pretty tickled. If you haven't been in before, we suggest taking the following steps to make your month at Kindness as seamless as possible!