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Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 03: Morgan Rodriguez

Blog post image - Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 03: Morgan Rodriguez

In this episode, Patrick talks with Kindness Yoga teacher Morgan Rodriguez about the struggles of being a yoga instructor, the need for self-growth, and the people of color (POC) night she hosts through Kindness.

"There was something magical and mystical about yoga"

Morgan Rodriguez, a born traveler and linguist, supplements the flavor of her teachings with experiences gathered from far corners of the earth. With hundreds of hours of teaching experience in Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal, and Bilingual yoga, her empowering sequences will deliver you to numerous energetic peaks. Whether in a public class or private instruction, her supportive assists and fondness of storytelling will leave you feeling fresh, light, and connected. Morgan is an E-RYT instructor with a 500 RYT certification through Kindness Yoga. She also hosts the POC night through Kindness—a safe space where people of color can join together and be authentically themselves. 

"There is a certain aspect of censoring I do as a person of color. There are layers I am conditioned to remove to make myself easy to be around... When I’m around other people of color, those layers don’t have to come off"

Show Notes:

03:44 - Travel and its role in your life

12:20 - Mindset for teaching 

15:20 - Percentage of interest

16:10 - What brought you to yoga?

20:30 - Underground

20:48 - Death cycle

24:05 - My 1st class

24:25 - What’s the other side of death

25:50 - Micro and macro

29:10 - I AM YOU

31:05 - Rock climbing and death

36:20 - Personal practices

38:25 - Reiki

45:02 - Belonging, inclusion, and diversity

47:20 - Whitewash

48:10 - Talking about race

49:10 - Censorship 

53:54 - People of color night

Morgan’s Reiki practitioner - Christine Meyers
Reiki from Kayla at Kindness Yoga
Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink

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