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Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 01: Buffy Barfoot

Blog post image - Kindness Collective Podcast Episode 01: Buffy Barfoot

On today's episode, we talk with long-time Kindness Yoga teacher, Buffy Barfoot. 

“Yoga asks us to feel the pain”

Buffy Barfoot is a yoga teacher and writer who is committed to bringing out strength, courage, and trust in her students. She believes that yoga helps our bodies feel stronger and more spacious as it amplifies joy and clears out sadness. Buffy's teaching style marries clear alignment direction with strength building, flow, and breath work. Her classes are playful, challenging, and packed with philosophy to support all students on and off the mat.

In this podcast, we talk about how Buffy's dance background has developed her yoga practice, and how yoga has helped her brave through grief. Now she's paying attention to creating a stronger mindfulness practice by being present to everyday tasks and not allowing the myth of multitasking to get in her way. We finish this episode with her current projects and some advice for new yoga teachers breaking onto the scene. 

“We all crave being witnessed, we all crave being seen”


Intro music: Bee Is a Bee by Science Partner

06:11 - Denver Yoga Scene

08:00 - Starting out as a new teacher

12:44 - Are injuries from dance due to physical or mental overuse?

17:27 - Yoga and grief

24:06 - How to provide space to stop multitasking

25:03 - Deep work

33:53 - Yoga is union and we are one

34:51 - Buffy’s history in the church

40:33 - Writing project

48:13 - Advice to new yoga teachers

54:10 - Approaching teaching in a new light

59:38 - What does Kindness mean to you?

64:59 - Last thoughts

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