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Just Eat Real Food!
by Stephanie Pollock Fox

Paleo. Keto. Vegetarian. Vegan. Gluten Free. Low Carb. High Carb. Low Fat. High Fat. There is enough conflicting nutritional guidance out there to make anyone's head spin! Some common themes to approaches in nourishment are: eat less processed foods, cook more, and consume foods that come from the earth, or pull from a tree, or pick from the ground. If you feel confused about what to eat, a great question to ask yourself is, "How was this food made?"

Can you see the little seedling of food being planted in the ground? Can you imagine the farmers who tended to that baby seed? Can you picture them picking the food from the ground, or the journey the food took to arrive in its form to your grocery store? Eat that food and enjoy! If you're thinking about eating a particular food and imagined the food being ground, added with colorings and preservatives, and then placed in a can or a box, then you can assess if that food will bring you the vibrancy and energy you desire. If you decide it won't, you can perhaps move on to another food you could imagine growing and picking yourself.

It is completely "normal" to not have a desire for natural, whole foods at first. Processed foods are created with added with salt, sugar, and flavor enhancers that overwhelm and alter our taste buds. Taste buds have a life cycle of about two weeks - so, with time, our desire for specific foods can change! Give your body time to adjust to choosing different nourishment. It can be a fun experiment to notice and observe how your body reacts and your food cravings change!

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