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Blog post image - Tips for your practice while pregnant

Kindness Yoga congratulates you on your pregnancy!

This time brings excitement, changes, and many questions. First and foremost, YES! You can maintain your yoga practice throughout your pregnancy. As with any physical activity during pregnancy, however, this is a wonderful time to practice vairagya (nonattachment), to shift your expectations and intentions of your practice. The key word here is “maintain.” This is a time to maintain physical activity, but not to push ahead or reach new goals. Your body is already doing that more than it has ever done before! 

Do you Feel Like Flying?

Blog post image - Do you Feel Like Flying?

One of the very unique offerings that Kindness Yoga is proud to be part of is AcroYoga. We have an AcroYoga class every Saturday that all students can partake in, and also offer frequent workshops to really hone in on flight skills. But, not everyone really knows what AcroYoga is at first. Sometimes it can be intimidating to dive head first into an environment where you have no choice but to physically interact with another person. So! We’ve taken some time to answer a couple of the most basic questions about AcroYoga, and hopefully ignite a curiosity – or even a strong desire – to take flight!