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Wellness Buzz: Memories and Cravings

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Memories and Cravings
by Stephanie Pollock Fox

Whenever I would get sick as a child, my mother would feed me the same thing: scrambled eggs, toast, and ginger ale. As an adult, when I am not feeling well physically or emotionally, I crave scrambled eggs. Our cravings often have deep meaning, and one of the many reasons why is from the memories we have around certain food.

From the time we are born, food is often the first form of love we receive from a caretaker or parent. Memories around food can be imprinted upon us from an early age, which leads to us reaching for specific foods that supported us in feeling joyful, happy, soothed, celebratory, engaged, and light. Often, what resonates with our body and our digestive tract can transform and change over the years. The foods that provided us with wonderful emotions and sensations when we were younger no longer easefully assimilate into our system in the present.

We can honor our memories around eating a particular food with family and friends. We can sit and be with that memory while noticing what sensations arise from thinking about that time. We can be with the embodied experience of sensing joy, connection, and celebration simply by remembering how our body felt, without actually eating the food (that might not provide those same sensations now).

The next time you notice a craving arise, break out a journal and explore:

  1. What memories do you have around eating the desired food?
  2. How have you felt eating this food in the past?
  3. What emotions do you desire in the present moment?
  4. What else might provide you with these emotions and sensations?
If you want to explore your cravings and the wisdom they hold, we'll build upon this practice and more in the Decoding Your Cravings workshop on Sunday, May 27.

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